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Celebrating 10 years of publishing monthly

Benicia Magazine, a community and lifestyle publication that has a reach well beyond Benicia’s borders, is the number one advertising choice for local and Bay Area businesses, and civic and nonprofit organizations. Evidenced by an impressive 84% return advertiser ratio each month for multiple years, with both in-town and further afield advertisers, we are the area’s proven leader for successful marketing campaigns.

Distribution: 13,500; Solano and Contra Costa County cities

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Kiva Designs' Jerica Howard, in response to our feature on their red bag for our "Steal of the Month" column: "Are you kidding me? Amazing! Thank you! We've had so many people come in because of that! You are the bomb (as my daughter would say)!"

“I have been very pleased with the response our business has seen since advertising in Benicia Magazine. 33% of our new clientele indicate that they had heard about us from Benicia Magazine, and I know that many others have seen our ads and were moved to come in" -Emily Thomas, M.D., CEO/Medical Director, LightTouch Medical Spa

“Benicia Magazine is far and away my best advertising media. Nothing else comes close to the return on investment I get from Benicia Magazine, not even the internet. The ad design is among the best I've ever seen. The magazine's beautiful layout and classy look help me position my company as the best in its category, and keep me ‘top of mind’ in my preferred market.” Shem Isaac, Owner/Designer, Exciting Windows

“My goal in selecting where I advertise has to do with quality, professionalism and reaching my target market. I currently spend 98% of my advertising budget with Benicia Magazine. I am thrilled that the magazine is being circulated in outlying cities in the Bay Area with targeted demographics. We have been able to attract new customers from these areas, not only to the store but also to Benicia in general with this special circulation.” Christina Strawbridge, Christina S Fashion Destination

“Advertising in Benicia Magazine has been worth every penny. The quality of the artwork and article topics is far above what is standard. We have had several people carry Benicia Magazine into our office wanting directions to something they have read. Benicia Magazine helps bring tourists to Benicia and many “soon to be” Benicians.” Candice Estey Swanson, MPM, RMP, Broker, REALTOR

“The Lerner Eye Center has been advertising with the Benicia Magazine for over 5 years. Although we do not have an office in Benicia, we get significant and constant reaches for our products and services from people reading the magazine. For us, Benicia Magazine is a winner and a proven medium to expand our business. Benicia Magazine is a winner.” Pablo Lobato, Marketing Director, Lerner Eye Center, San Ramon, California

"Benicia Magazine is helping us increase business. We've had customers from Danville and other locations come into the gallery just because they received the publication and "hadn't been to Benicia in years. They all say what a great place it is to visit and that they will be back again.” Ann Lindsay, Lindsay Art Glass

“As an Arsenal artist, former Arts Benicia board member and instructor in the Arts Benicia studio education program, I want to convey my enthusiastic support for Benicia Magazine. This publication has been of real benefit to the Arsenal artist community and to Arts Benicia. Over the years, this attractive and informative publication has featured a regular column every issue on the people, programs, and events orchestrated by Arts Benicia, or taking place in the arsenal artist community. This kind of publicity has made a real difference in the Benicia public's awareness of, and participation in, Arts Benicia events.” Bill Harsh, Arts Benicia Education Program Instructor